Here at Esses Autoworks, we have carefully hand-picked staff to attend to your automotive needs. The staff at Esse Autoworks have worked for many  years in the dealerships, locally owned parts and service departments, and performance shops. The technicians are ASE certified and have completed Honda self-study courses. Our staff has additionally attended many HPDE days, races and other events, which have prepared them to handle all of your motoring needs.

The Owner

Daniel Wilson
Daniel’s Honda Civic (track car)

Daniel Wilson is the owner and lead technician for Esses Autoworks. Daniel began his journey into the automotive realm working on Ford Mustangs in the early 1990’s where he tuned them for speed and endurance. He soon took notice of the import scene and began working on Hondas/Acuras in 1998, and began working on his own, as well as his friends’ imports. He focused on many generations of Civics, Integras, and even the notable NSX, keeping the mind for speed, dependability and performance.

Continuing his journey, he began working at R&D Motorsports where he came into attendance of High Performance Driving Days and racing. At R&D Motorsports, he assisted with building winning cars for the NASA Honda Challenge events, covering several different regions. Namely, he was one of the main builders of the Honda Challenge Civic piloted by Chad Slagg (car #14) that dominated at tracks such as VIR, Beaver Run, Summit Point, Mid-Ohio, and many more!  While building these award-winning track monsters, Daniel became very familiar in dealing with Toda Racing Products, Spoon Sports, JUN Auto,  ARC, Rays, Benen and countless other brands familiar to the Japanese racing scene.

He also became very experienced in Power FC tuning, installing and setting suspensions and their various additions and components, along with complete engine swaps/rebuilds which substantially helped him become one of the most demanded and highly respected technicians for this area. This notoriety and demand provided him with some more upscale building and tuning, as he has worked on a local doctors NSX, along with an NSX Supercar and one of the more recognized NSX drivers has stated that he does great work. It is known that working on these types of cars can be very expensive, but Daniel’s expertise and “get it done right the first time” attitude can and has easily saved his clients heart ache and cash. He has also built and tuned many Integra Type-Rs.

His wide array of experience can range from the oldest of Hondas to the newest models. His work at the local Honda dealerships has given him immense knowledge of the problems and their resolutions. He has the resources and domain to get work done. Daniel also has an extensive track day history himself, inclusive of, but not limited to RRR, CMP, VIR, Road America, Road Atlanta, and many more, he also enjoys his time at Deals Gap and has been an inspiration to many.  He has even had the opportunity to meet Tatsuru Ichischima of Spoon Sports. Daniel also has a keen interest in motorcycles. He assisted KWS Motorsports in 2003 with the Daytona 200 and worked in the shop in 2007-2008. Along with all of this, Daniel also has an interest in building and racing karts with his daughter under the team name Dogmatic Karting. They continue to build their knowledge and experience in this field.


As a person who is very aggressive about service and maintenance, he is widely known for his performance work that exceeds all others with longevity in life of the vehicle, dependability and overall client satisfaction. Daniel has completed all of the Honda self-studies from Drivability Performance to IMA Systems. Daniel has a remarkable reputation with his customers at Honda who demand that only he works on their car. He also has a great run with no comebacks at Honda. This just helps to affirm his “get it done right the first time” attitude.  He takes pride in his work and strives to keep customers happy, satisfied, and coming back for more.

Daniel is a husband and father, a Sergeant in the Army National Guard and his hobbies include attending Rolex 24hr races, spending time with his family, and doing what he loves to do most-working on cars and participating in high-performance driving days.