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  • Hondata Flash Pro

    Hondata Flashpro

    The FlashPro allows full user tuning and datalogging of late model performance Hondas and Acuras. It includes Windows based software called FlashProManager. The FlashPro connects from your laptop’s USB port to your vehicles diagnostic port to provide live tuning with a … Read More

    not rated $495.00$695.00
  • Hondata KPro

    Hondata KPro

    The K-Series Programmable ECU (K-Pro) consists of a hardware modification to any K-Series ECU, plus Windows software which allows you to re-program the ECU and datalog sensors. Acura RSX/ Honda Integra 2002-2004 RSX (Type S) (PRB ECU) 2002-2004 RSX (Base 5 speed) (PND … Read More

    not rated $695.00$1,095.00
  • Hondata S300

    Hondata S300

    Ideal for Hondas with OBD1 factory Honda Engine Computers(not included) The s300 version 3 is a plug in module that vastly expands the capabilities of the factory ECU. Using SManager software for tuning and datalogging enable a comprehensive list of … Read More

    not rated $495.00
  • Hondata Traction Control

    Hondata Traction Control

    Traction Control for your s300, KPro or FlashPro. Hondata Traction Control works by monitoring the ABS wheel speed sensors and reducing engine output when excessive wheel-spin is detected.  A dash mountable switch allows the selection of different target slip rates, and software allows the … Read More

    not rated $595.00